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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Poop On The Hawkeyes

WHAT THE HELL??? How can you only score 3 points in the second half against the worst defense in the Big 10? I am now on the Northwestern bandwagon and officially poop on the Iowa Hawkeye Football program. When does basketball season start? Wait, we suck in that too! Dammit! Go, Duke?


Blogger Complete Game said...

Lose by 25 to KU and we'll talk about YOUR misery. I'd rather have two priests play ping pong with my balls than watch NU lose another game this year.

12:13 PM  
Blogger FLAMINGO1 said...

Hmmmm...I may know a couple of priests in your neck of the woods. Would you like me to send em by this Saturday?

that was an ass-whoopin by KU - that's for sure. But I still think the folks at UCLA have more to gripe about than either of us.

12:22 PM  
Blogger Complete Game said...

Every day I pray to Allah that Iowa will return to the cesspool of mediocrity they slithered out of in 2001.

2:22 PM  
Blogger FLAMINGO1 said...

Looks like you need to stop praying to Allah and bow down to Thor - My prayer was answered on Saturday KU 40 - Neb 15.


2:27 PM  
Blogger Complete Game said...

May you be sentenced to community service, mow a roadside ditch and have a warm plastic bottle of trucker's urine explode on your face.

2:40 PM  
Blogger FLAMINGO1 said...

I like your new logo...less homoerotic.

3:00 PM  
Blogger Complete Game said...

Thank you. My abs haven't looked that tight since I took the pic and I gots ta keep it real. I also wanted to highlight the many factes of my talent, thus the tweaked moniker.

3:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is what you get for placing your emotional well-being in the hands of a college football team.
What is the point?

1:35 PM  
Blogger FLAMINGO1 said...

You are right. I now see the error of my ways.

2:50 PM  
Blogger Omar said...

I can't believe he's really gone.

11:37 AM  

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